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Frequently Asked Questions - ConnectTek - Project Management

Frequently asked questions

Every project is designed specifically with your needs and budget in mind. Our relationships with a wide variety of carriers allows us to find the perfect fit for your organization.

Cable Modem: 

Cable Modems are the best bang for the buck when it comes to speed at the lowest cost.  Because this type of connection is usually best effort, while great for data, may not be the best choice for VoIP.



DSL may be acceptable as a back-up broadband connection, but for most businesses, unless it is the only option, it just does not provide enough connectivity for business usage.  An  A-Synchronous product similar to Cable, there just is not enough upload bandwidth for most business applications, especially those business with an offsite backup plan, or those running applications in the cloud.  DSL is not recommended unless you are considering it for a backup to be used during an outage occurrence.



Wireless services (Hot Spots) are limited to amount of bandwidth available and, while acceptable as a back-up solution, typically does not provide enough bandwidth for business connectivity.  Some businesses use this type of connection if an individual person is traveling, or in an emergency.  Wireless can be fixed or mobile.


Only used when nothing else is available.  This delivery method is very costly for very little throughput, however, makes a great back-up solution for dual Wan or SD WAN applications.


T-1 Connectivity:

T-1’s are an older type of connectivity which are dedicated to your business, not shared.  They tend to be more stable and provide synchronous connectivity, however, price points are not competitive with newer ways to deliver services.  With T-1’s carrying 1.5M of bandwidth each, getting to larger bandwidth of 7.5M would require bonding T-1’s together (5 of them).  Ethernet-Over-Copper (EOC) uses the same copper pairs as T-1 provisioning, but connects to different equipment at the head end providing a lower cost method to provide the same 7.5M.  The SLA – Service Level Agreement guarantees the speed and the service response time.



Until now, Fiber has been the best delivery of broadband services capable of delivering the highest speeds at a reasonable price point.  Typically the biggest hurdle of Fiber is the construction cost to get it to the customer premise which can cost thousands of dollars to install.


New Optional Delivery Method – Microwave or Air Fiber:

Now it is possible to have fiber quality bandwidth delivered to your location (currently Ohio only) via the airways.  The technology is not new, however, the available delivery is.  It is cost competitive with Fiber delivery, with a faster delivery time, no digging, and lower construction costs.  Bandwidth availability from 2M – 1Gig.  Guaranteed Latency, SLA, and an impeccable record of up time.

Absolutely, ConnectTek will handle the entire project start to finish. We engage with you, the department heads, and the end users to address any questions, concerns, or ideas and to make sure they understand how to use the new technology being deployed. 

Just Contact us and we will walk you through getting the process started.

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