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Project Management - ConnectTek - Project Management

Project Management

Everything starts with excellent Project Management.  It is the building block for technology integration with the minimal amount of impact to our client’s business.  This includes making sure that there is a solid infrastructure to deploy the requested technology.  Whether we are working on a single site or a multi-site deployment, we cover the stepping stones from A to Z.  ConnectTek will engage not only with the client contact, but their department heads and users to address any concerns and/or ideas they might have that will impact the success of the project.  Once the infrastructure has passed our survey and testing, the technology deployed, we interact with the users to ensure that they know how to properly use the technology being deployed.  ConnectTek brings 30+ years’ experience in the industry to the table to help your organization; find, procure, deploy, integrate, and use the technology to make your staff and your organization more productive.

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